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Explore unique properties in Phoenix

Why Live Here?

With over 300 sunny days a year, Phoenix’s climate is inducive to resort style living. The city is also home to over 180 miles of hiking trails that range from beginner to expert. If outdoors aren’t your thing, the burgeoning nightlife around Phoenix rivals that of most cosmopolitans. Restaurants and bars continue to pop-up in the downtown neighborhoods ranging from music venues to quaint micro breweries. To compliment the emerging neighborhoods in Phoenix, the city is continually investing in mass transit. This includes a completed light rail connecting nearby cities  with expansion plans in the near future. Getting around town is also easy thanks to Phoenix’s Jeffersonian Grid. Just remember, Streets are east of central, and Avenues are to the west.

Camelback Corridor

This unique neighborhood in Phoenix is located at the northern tip of downtown and stretches between Downtown Phoenix and Downtown Scottsdale. This area is known for it’s mid-century ranch homes, most of which have been renovated over the years. It’s also become quite a hot spot for infill condominiums, ranging from traditional to ultra modern.

Camelback Corridor Map

Midtown Phoenix

Midtown Phoenix combines the best of both worlds; casual neighborhood living and centrally located dining and shopping. This area is known for it’s vintage shops along Melrose, neighborhood bars and restaurants such as Positino’s, Federal Pizza, St. Francis, and many other casual, but classy places to spend an evening.

Midtown Phoenix Map

Downtown Phoenix

Up until recently, Downtown Phoenix has had a less than positive reputation (to put it lightly). But over the last decade, development has boomed in the inner city, barely keeping up with demand. Places to live range from historic homes, to modern penthouses. Whatever your style, you’ll be a short distance to plenty of amenities you’d expect in a modern American downtown.

Downtown Phoenix Map